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Our Shipping Policy

As El Crea Designs, we sell products all over Turkey and to various countries of the world*.

All stages of the shipment process are carried out by us and it is our responsibility to finally deliver the products to you in perfect condition.


Check the product during the delivery of the cargo, if there is any damage to the product packaging or the product, please keep a record of the cargo officer and contact us. In this case, the product will be replaced by us. Otherwise, our brand is not responsible for product damage when the cargo officer leaves the delivery area. 

Although product delivery dates vary according to the model and order quantity, it is between 1 and 10 days, excluding special circumstances. Within the scope of special circumstances; public and regional holidays, New Year's Eve and combined religious holidays. Depending on the order entry date, the shipment may be delayed after the holiday, as distribution partners do not work during these holidays. In such cases, our customers are informed.


In case of cancellation or return of an ordered product (provided that it is suitable according to the return conditions), the shipping fee will belong to the customer.

Hand Delivery:​

  • Shipping costs

  • Zaman 

  • Technical problems during shipping

Within the scope of the campaign we created by considering factors such as; 

You can receive the products you purchased from our workshop with a 10% discount.

Return & Exchange Policy



You have the right to return (withdraw) the product within 14 days from the delivery of the product. 

For the return process of the product you have purchased; The contact form must be filled. Your request will reach us automatically. As a result of the evaluation, you will be contacted within 1-3 days. 

For refund; All refunds you will make; It should be done through a contracted cargo company with the code given by El Crea Designs. 

General return conditions are as follows;

  • Returns must be made with the original box or packaging.

  • The product must be sent undamaged, with all accessories and all copies of the invoice.

  • Returns of products with damaged original box/packaging are not accepted.

  • You must send the original invoice (all copies) with the product you want to return.

  • The shipping cost of the product you want to return must be covered by you. Returns must be made through our contracted cargo company with the code given by us.  Products sent through different cargo companies will not be accepted.

  • If the invoice of the product to be returned is issued on behalf of the VAT payer (natural or legal persons who are obliged to issue invoices), it must be sent together with the return invoice when returning the product. The return invoice should be issued without including the cargo share (in the form of product unit price + VAT). Invoice, VAT. Returns of orders issued to taxpayers (natural or legal persons who are obliged to issue invoices) cannot be completed unless a RETURN INVOICE is issued.


You can change the product with the exchange card or the original invoice by contacting us within 14 days from the invoice date. Changes are processed after the products are sent to our company via the contracted cargo company by adding the code given by El Crea Designs.

The replacement process is carried out in accordance with the following rules;

  • The price on the invoice is based on.

  • The product must be undamaged and unused.

  • If there is a box, it should be delivered with the product, with special packaging materials and accessories.

Note: X marked products are outlet products and cannot be changed.
Broken, defective, incomplete or incorrectly sent products cannot be exchanged.

Shipping & Returns & Exchanges
For your requests and questions about;

Phone: +90 536 201 71 48
Email Address:

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